Before moving on it is worth recapping the Demographic Transition model:

BBC Scotland Animation of DTM

Now we compare population structures (also known as age-sex structures or ‘population pyramids’) between MEDCs and LEDCs. The following animation should make sense before moving on:

BBC Scotland Education Population Pyramid Flash Animation

Now download the following worksheet and follow the instructions:

Worksheet – Population Pyramids on the Net

  Now visit here and repeat the quiz until you can score full marks:

Putting it all together – watch this:


You should also be able to complete the second set of tasks (already introduced in the Demographic Transition Model post) – click on the Part 2 tab and check your Answers before moving on  – not there are three pyramids to analyse.


Read the following pages carefully. Add notes where appropriate.

BBC Bitesize for Population Structure Revision [1]

BBC Bitesize for Population Structure Revision [2]

At the bottom of the last page you can take a test bite.

Dependency Ratios

This module helps with our understanding of dependency ratios:

Hosted by McGraw Hill – Population Geography