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Using thorough research (referring to web sites, text book(s), and your own notes (including any notes on relevant videos you have watched)), answer the following questions:

1) What changes are taking place at the Rural Urban Fringe as a result of urbanisation?

Make sure you refer to:

  • urban sprawl
  • counterurbanisation
  • recent developments

It is worth structuring examples of recent development at the RUF as part of your answer. For example:

  • Residential function: commuter villages / "suburbanised villages"
  • Industrial function: New high-tech industry – especially Science Parks [example: Cambridge Science Park, UK]
  • Retail function: Recent Out Of Town Shopping Centres [example: Merry Hill, UK]

2) What are some of the main advantages of these changes (developments)?
3) What are some of the main disadvantages of these changes (developments)?
4) What are some of the solutions to the problems caused by overdevelopment of the Rural Urban Fringe?