Uses of the Amazon Rainforest

How are people using the rainforests?

You need to choose one of these groups who are using the Amazon rainforest in some way:

a) Amazon indians (e.g. Kayapo Indians)

b) Miners of Iron Ore (e.g. at the Carajas Iron Ore Mine)

c) New Settlers (also known as colonists or colinistas tehse are farmers who were given land by the government this happened a lot ion the 1980s)

d) Cattle Ranchers

e) Conservation Groups

f) The Government responsible for Transport (e.g. the Trans-Amazonian Highway)

g) Loggers

h) The Government responsible for Energy (e.g. new Hydro Electric Power Stations)

Your mission is to create a truly awesome slideshow with an absolute maximum of three slides and a minuimum of one slide to explain:

1) How these people are using the rainforest and why they use it this way.

2) Examples of where these people are using the rainforest and for how  long – maps / satellite images would obviously help

2) Difficulties this might have caused

3) Possible solutions for the future

The slideshow has to be very visual with images, facts and figures – you are using the slideshow software to its full potential. We are not interested in text heavy information. This will be shown at the start of a lesson. You can include hyperlinks to websites if people want to learn more.

Obviously you will need to research this thoroughly, and the internet is an obvious resource.