Posterous is great. I’ve just started using it, and am very excited at the potential it holds for connecting students to online learning in a meaningful yet easy way.

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Lots of folk seem to be thinking similar things about this particular blogging platform, and not just educators …

This has got to be the simplest platform I’ve seen yet to allow people easy access to blogging and social syndication.  I love the interface, flexibility and syndication of Posterous for the person who is trying to get their business setup with social marketing.  Most people have mastered email and therefore can post mini blog entries via Posterous.  The abiity to upload pretty much anything is terrific!  Definitely hit “most impressive” list for me and tested it out by teaching two team mates today and they confirmed my thoughts.  I’ll be teaching this to a lot of my clients.

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This video gives a taste of what it can do:

I’ll post in due course with some reflections on how it can take learning forwards, but for now here are some links if you want to find out more.

1) Guides to using posterous as educators:

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2) Favourable reviews by educators:

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