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Before starting to understand Price Elasticity of Supply, it is worth recapping Price Elasticity of Demand. Click on the following link:

www.business2000.ie provides an interactive quiz on PED

This site introduces the main concepts of Price Elasticity of Supply:

Slideshow from http://www.econ.ucsb.edu

This site gives a useful overview of PES:

PES from tutor2u.net

This web page details price elasticity of supply, but is a little complicated:


This web page provides information on how time effects PES:

Welkerswikinomics on PES

This site gives a useful interactive demonstration of PES calculations:


This video from pajholden helps understand the concept further (note, this is suited to A Level / IB students):


Finally, if you think you’ve made yourself an expert in PES, you can test your understanding using the following quiz: